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Triple Shield Environmental Policy Document (PDF)


In recognition of the environmental impact of our business operations we invest in the creation of new woodlands in the UK that will not only capture, over time, the CO2 emissions from our vehicles and operations, but will also provide significant other environmental and social benefit to the UK. These woodlands are certified to ISO standards under the UK government Woodland Carbon Code, and meet international environmental and carbon project rules.

Above is one of the projects we have recently invested in ‘CRARIEKNOWE’ with the assistance of Forest Carbon. The woodland, at Crairieknowe near Thornhill in Dumfries & Galloway, comprises some 12,000 native trees over 4.5 hectares.

In addition to this we have also invested in Barbara’s Wood on the Edge of Longhorsley village in Northumberland. The total net planted area will be 4.2 hectares consisting of approximately 6,700 trees. For more information about this project please use this link http://www.forestcarbon.co.uk/triple-shield/

Here at Triple Shield Property Maintenance Limited we care about the environment we live and work in and our awareness of our impact on our environment has driven our commitment to partner on projects such as Crairieknowe and further demonstrates that we actually do what we say we do.



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